Engineering Packing Solution

How we do it?

Process equipment packaging solution is one of our core business. To start with, We ASK questions!

•What sort of process requirements do you need?

•Is it a greenfield or retrofit project?

•Do you have any specific physical or dimensional restrictions?

•What is the safety features required for the site?

•What is the timeline do you have in mind?… etc.

Bottom line is we would work with you very closely to know all the minute details of the project.

When we get clear idea about what you want, we DESIGN the right equipment and accessories. We have access to many of the world-class and renowned sources of process equipment. We think you need to design things twice, first time on paper before we start the fabrication. Our application team have high capability with most advanced engineering and CAD software and tools.

When the design is reviewed and approved by you, we will start to BUILD. We work with the best professionals in the industry to get the better outcome- no compromise with quality. During the building phase, it is very important to monitor the progress of the project so that we can deliver the project in time.

The last part would be TESTING and DELIVERY.

What we offer?

•Burner package solution

•Boiler package solution

•Pump package solution

•Blower package solution

•Gas booster package solution

•Air knives package solution

•Meter package solution

•Heater package solution