Commissioning of heaters, burners, boilers, blowers, compressors

Normal regular maintenance is very critical for longer life of blowers. Inlet filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly and adequate ventilation of blower is essential to achieve good life span.

Regular checks need to be made of lubrication levels, pulley & belt wear and operational checks of safety relief valves
While installing the blower and during maintenance it is essential to check back pressure on the system. Excessive or low back pressure can result in bearing failure or overheating of the blower resulting in failure.

For positive displacement type blowers, regular lube changes and changing of the inlet filter will result in better life.

At our fully equipped workshop we have 3 factory trained technicians. We specialize in Aerzen, Dresser Roots and Holmes blowers and compressors. With our 40 years experience in blower servicing and repairs, we can service any roots style blower, in any condition, at any location. Our personnel restore blowers and screw compressors to manufacturer’s specification. Overhaul reports and photos of equipment can be supplied at time of quoting allowing the customer to verify the economic viability of the restoration. Copy of restored specification is supplied following overhaul.