Engineering Packing Solution

We believe that process solutions should not be complicated. A simple intuitive solution can provide us an smooth run and easy maintenance of our process. Above, a better peace of mind! For that we are constantly trying our products more user friendly, delivered in a package so that you can almost like plug and play!

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Overhaul and Repair

Manufacturer trained and authorised service technicians who can undertake complete repair and overhaul on blowers, compressors, pumps and meters Overhaul will restore the equipment to manufacturer’s specification using genuine parts. We strip and assess your equipment and provide a detailed report and quotation for repair. On…

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Blower Overhaul

Normal regular maintenance is very critical for longer life of blowers. Inlet filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly and adequate ventilation of blower is essential to achieve good life span.
Regular checks need to be made of lubrication levels..

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Site Service

Our factory trained technicians service and commission blowers and compressors on site everywhere in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. Emergency break down repairs are available.

Our combustion service technicians service, repair, install and commission burners..

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Commissioning of heaters, burners, boilers, blowers, compressors

As a supplier of the world known brands of heaters, burners, pumps, blowers and compressors, we offer the commissioning of our products at competitive rates.
Commissioning of the equipment is necessary to verify that it is installed correctly and is operating in a safe manner…

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Burner Service

To support our strong burner and heater brands and facilitate maintenance of all installations to manufacturer’s specification we offer the following services at competitive rates.

SERVICE AND REPAIR of gas and oil burners on site. Also we service radiant heaters, warm air furnaces, oil fired…

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Boiler Service

Regular boiler tuning saves up to 25% of your energy bill. We offer site servicing of commercial boilers, commercial HVAC and atmospheric water heaters at competitive rates. Regular service agreements can be negotiated to maintain longevity and energy…

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