HNW Process Burners installed for Hops Products Australia

Hurll Nu-Way (HNW) is proud to have played a role in increasing the production capacity of Hop Products Australia (HPA). Through the last half of 2021 and into 2022, Hurll Nu-Way has been collaborating with HPA to increase the number of gas burners at their Buffalo River Valley processing facility. They previously had 6  burners at the facility and have now added an additional 6, increasing their total to 12 burners.

HNW have several burners that can be used in any application. HPA opted to use the ESX 100 model. These produce 3000kW of energy and are fitted with a combustion air blower with a 7.5kW motor. The burners are part of HPA’s kilning process in which their hops are dried to stabilise the vegetative matter, alpha acids and essential oils in hops that are used to create unique flavours and aromas in beer. The HNW gas burner operates at 65oC, pushing hot air through an industrial fan into a plenum chamber. The hops sit atop this chamber on a steel grate for 6-8 hours until the drying process is complete. Then they are transferred from the kiln floor to the conditioning floor before being pressed in pellets and distributed to brewers around the world. Each unit passed testing and is now ready for use over the coming weeks once the hop harvest commences.

The burners were installed to meet HPA’s additional processing requirements after they significantly increased their Victorian acreage in recent years. This expansion project was driven by brewer demand regularly exceeding hop supply. They now have 24 burners across two processing facilities. We look forward to continuing to develop and build our professional relationship.  

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