About HNW

Hurll Nu-Way is the application partner that understands how important the right equipment is for

your business. That means peace of mind in knowing that you have the best possible outcome, and that’s our promise.

We support you to improve your business. Get in touch with one of our highly qualified application engineers and let us help you get the most energy efficient solution for your industrial and commercial needs.

It does not end there. We are always beside you with our prompt and passionate service especially when you need them most.

Our Portfolio Of World Leading Products

We believe that reliability is the greatest virtue in industry; that’s why we only offer our customers high-quality equipment that will stand the test of time and rigor of the industry.

Hurll Nu-Way’s portfolios of world-leading brands are grouped across four key segments:

Air Compression and Noise Suppression

Blowers, boosters, compressors and noise abating equipment

Pumping & Metering

Fluid transfer and mixing systems, pumps, and flow meters

Industrial and Process Heating

Gas, oil and process burners and boilers

Thermal Comfort and HVAC

Efficient radiant and warm air heaters, cooling fans and hot water boilers

We represent world leading brands such as Blackmer, EnviroGear and Mouvex pumps together with Tuthill,Red Seal Measurement meters; Nu-Way and Bentone packaged burners, Lanemark and Red Ray process burners; SBM and Roberts Gordon radiant heaters; SkyBlade high-volume low-speed fans; GE Roots blowers and screw compressors as well as Hitachi air compressors and QE silencers, to name a few.


We have a fully equipped engineering workshop and our engineering department adapts, fabricates and assembles the solution to suit your specific needs, to ensure it performs to your requirements.


Not only do we understand how important the right equipment is for your business, we understand that support and service is just as critical.

At Hurll Nu-Way, we live by what we stand for – ‘the best people for better results’ – so you’ll have a team of the best product specialists and field based application engineers supporting you and your business wherever you are in Australia. Our team will work with you on-site to find the best solution.

Our customer service department is also just a call away to support our customers with technical information and documentation, order processing and order fulfilment.


Hurll Nu-Way is the factory authorised service and repair centre for our extensive network of global partners. With a team of factory trained and qualified technicians our service offer includes workshop and field services for overhaul and repair, along with commissioning of a big range of thermal comfort, process heating, and process equipment in industrial and commercial spheres.


Hurll Nu-Way has been serving Australian industry for over one hundred years, and it’s something we’re very proud of. That means our customers benefit from the extensive product and applications knowledge we have built up as well as the experience and expertise from our global partners.

Our Portfolio Of World Leading Products

Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd, together with Nu-Way Energy NZ Ltd, form the Hurll Group, now a Sales and Service Company of heating, cooling and process equipment, operating in Australia and New Zealand and servicing Australasia and the South Pacific Island territories and additionally, South East Asia for combustion equipment.

Company Milestones

1898 – Establishment of James Hurll & Co. Limited, importers of refractories

1924 – Norman J. Hurll & Co., incorporated in Sydney, holds the first meeting of Directors. Nature of business: Engineers Merchants.

1931 – Business was described as Gas Engineers and Merchants and later Gas and Combustion Engineers.

1932 – Melbourne based Norman J. Hurll & Co. (Victoria) Pty. Ltd formed, active in Gas Engineering and later in the Refractory installation fields

1943 – James Hurll dies 1944 – Mr Norman J. Hurll, a former assistant engineer, appointed Chairman and Managing Director

1971 – Acquisition by Boral. Norman J. Hurll & Co. (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

1973 – Establishment of Hurll Nu-Way Pty. Ltd., a joint venture with Nu-Way Ltd., U.K., handling the combustion business interests of Norman J. Hurll.

1989 – Establishment of Boral Nu-Way (NZ) LTD, handling the combustion products in New Zealand

1993 – Boral Nu-Way NZ renamed Nu-way Energy (NZ) Ltd.

1997 – Hurll businesses acquired by Nu-Way Ltd of U.K., a member of the UK Wolseley PLC group

1998 – Consolidation of all Australian Hurll businesses into one entity currently trading under the name Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd.

2001 – Wolseley PLC,the world’s largest trade distributor of plumbing and heating products and a leading supplier of building materials, consolidates its burner and boiler manufacturing businesses(which included all Hurll companies) and sells them to Enertech Ltd of UK, forming the Enertech Group.