Thermal Comfort and HVAC

With the goal of decreasing energy cost and improving thermal comfort, we provide technologies that optimize heating, ventilation and air condition control systems. We supply a range of Air Heating and Cooling, Commercial Hot Water Boilers and Radiant Infrared Heating Boilers for indoor, outdoor, domestic, commercial, industrial and process applications. Need for customization? Contact us for a more customized technology.

Air Heating and Cooling The air heating range covers units from small commercial Warm Air Furnaces (Unit Heaters) to floor located Cabinet Heaters using oil, gas or waste oil burners. For cooling and destratification, we offer SkyBlade high volume low speed fans and Combat destratification fans, saving energy and improving overall comfort. Read More
Commercial Hot Water Boilers Hot water boilers are used for hydronic heating and hot water as well as for process applications, such as cleaning, rinsing and washing. A range of high efficiency commercial hot water boilers is available, including condensing boiler, cast iron boilers and solid fuel boilers. Engineered and manufactured in Europe, they are reliable, modern, offering reduced emissions and energy savings. We help selecting the boiler depending on the fuel available and the output required. Read More
Radiant Infrared Heating Radiant heating is the energy efficient way to heat large open indoor areas such as factories, warehouses, aircraft hangers, school multi-purpose halls and other commercial and industrial buildings. In addition, you can increase your outdoor season and enhance the design of your venue with infrared heaters with a choice of low-intensity infrared heaters, namely the USA/UK manufactured radiant tube Blackheat, and high intensity ceramic infrared heaters by French manufacturer SBM. We offer a variety of outdoor heating solutions, taking into account design of the venue, space available and heat required. Choose Blackheat if you need gentle heat over a wide area and especially if you have a drop down screens for really bad weather. Go for French heaters if you want something bright, as these ceramic luminous heaters were specially developed for terrace heating, combining design, comfort, and robustness. Both types of heaters save floor space with fixed installation, are environmentally friendly and have a fantastic lifetime of over 20 years. Need help with installation? Contact us for a list of the authorized installers. Please check our radiantheaters microsite focused on these products. Call us today to discuss your heating requirement. Read More