Green approach to outdoor heating!

How do you keep yourself warm outdoors and be environmentally responsible?

Tips for selecting and using an infrared heater

Heating an outdoor area, as with many other human activities, usually involves burning fossil fuel and producing carbon dioxide. Yet, we still can be smart about it and enjoy the outdoor comfort responsibly.

We try to make smart choices by buying more fuel efficient cars or even choosing to just ride a bike instead. We start demanding for insulated houses to lower the constant need for air conditioners and heaters. Even when purchasing electric appliances, we gravitate towards 5-star energy efficient ratings.

So how can we make smart choices with our outdoor heaters?

  •         • Choose a heater that uses less energy and emits less CO2.
  •         • Buy good quality products. Using one heater for 30 years rather than throwing away a cheap patio heater every 3-5 years saves the energy required to manufacture them.
  •         • Seek the possibility to repair the heater instead of throwing it away.
  •         • Stainless steel, brass and ceramics are recyclable.
  •         • Use gas if possible. Consider low-intensity heat if space and conditions permit.
  •         • Position the heater smartly. Correct angle can dramatically increase the area heated.
  •         • Heat the objects, rather than the air, which will be done with infrared heaters.
  •         • Choose a heater that can be restarted and adjusted quickly to suit your comfort level and switch it off when leaving.


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