Blower Packages Made to Your Specifications

When you know exactly what you need, anything less is a compromise in quality. That’s why at HNW we offer a number of engineering packing solutions, where we can design and build key pieces of equipment to the exact specifications required by your project.

When you choose HNW blower packages for your next project, you are guaranteed to get the expertise of our design team, open communication throughout the design and building process, and our commitment to delivering results on time.

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We design and build blowers for all applications

When we design blower packages for our clients, we make sure we have an in-depth understanding of their project specifications, timelines, safety requirements, physical restrictions and as many other details as we can get.

Blowers have applications across a wide range of industries, so whether you require positive displacement (PD) continuous vacuum, pressure, or vacuum/pressure system blowers, we will ensure that we understand the process requitements and incorporate all of your requirements into the package.

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With a mission to provide only the best brands, and a truly exceptional customer service and support, you can relax knowing we are committed to providing you with the very best blower packages you’ll find in Australia.

Packages for custom designed blowers, air knives and more  

When you pay for custom designed engineering equipment, you want it to be well worth the cost. That’s why, when it comes to the design and construction of our blower packages, we only use the highest quality materials and the best professionals in the industry to ensure you get the best possible for money.

Get in touch with HNW’s experienced team of engineering experts today to discuss your project requirements, and we can begin on the designs for a blower package to suit your specifications. We also offer package solutions for pumps, meters,  gas boosters, heaters, air knives and other commonly used engineering equipment.

To get a free quote, you can reach us by calling us directly on 1300 556 380 or alternatively get in touch via our online enquiry form.