Wood pellet / wood chip boiler – Industrial

Wood pellet or wood chip boilers offer the benefit of a renewable energy source for hot water generation for commercial or industrial applications. There are a number of reasons for selecting a solid fuel boiler – a project mandates a renewable energy component of the overall energy mix, an abundance of wood or wood products which would otherwise be waste, or the high cost of alternative fuels.

The P500 and PB2 range of industrial wood pellet /wood chip boilers by Osby Parca Boilers of Sweden, are a high quality boiler, and the result of many years of experience and refinement. Featuring:

  • Fully welded construction
  • Fully automatic ignition and operation , including automatic fuel feed, tube cleaning and ash removal.
  • Modulating load control by simple or advanced PLC control system.
  • particle¬†emissions reduction via cyclone
  • comprehensive safety system.