Two stage waste oil burner B45-2MF

B45 two stage multi fuel Bentone burner is designed for oils with higher viscosity. For example, pure rapeseed oil and other types of bio oils and fossil oils.
The burner is designed to manage oil with a viscosity of 120 cSt at 20 °C and ranges from 9 to 55 kg/h (90 – 550 kW)

Main features:

  • Suitable for oils with higher viscosity of both fossil and
    biological origin
  • Equipped with preheater and components suitable for corrosive oils
  • Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements
  • Designed for easy regulation and maintenance
  • Designed and approved by the European standard EN 267
    together with rapessed oil according to DIN 51605
  • Suitable for High Resistance Boilers
  • Designed for 2-stage operation
  • Plug-in contact facilitates the installation
  • 3-phase power required for preheater