Twin Screw Pumps

JEC Twin-screw pump is designed to be reliable efficient in pumping from low to high viscous and gaseous or volatile products. It operates with an external helical timing gear, which has a very hygienic structure passing the most stringent hygienic specifications, such as EHEDG and 3-A certified standard for manufacturing processes.

These pumps have the precise control of the filling fluid by a very low pulse. It is applicable to a variety of industries especially those with high regards to hygiene.

It’s unique features are:

  • Large radius corner screw case
    • this reduces the dead space for smooth flow
  • Fully drainable front cover
    • for ease of maintenance
  • Integrally geared adaptor with B5, 4pole motor directly coupled
    • utilizing the space effectively and providing a highly efficient outcome than 6P or 8P motors
  • Pulsation-free for gentle treatment and High suction performance
    • for higher capacity
  • Out shimming located between gearbox and casing
    • reducing the time-consumed for rotor’s alignment