TurboMAX Blower is a system used to produce compressed air for efficient wastewater aeration. The TurboMax blower reduces electricity costs by 30% compared to traditional blower designs, and provides you with a clean and quite working environment. The single stage centrifugal type Turbo Blower consists of air bearings and Impeller, a high speed motor, an inverter, a controller and a cooling system; it runs with oil free lubrication. This self-contained package is housed in a noise abating enclosure.

Examples of applications of Turbo Blowers

  • Provide air for Aeration in Waster Water/Sewage Treatment Plants –   Municipal WWTP projects
  • Provide air for Aeration in MBR plants – Industrial Waster water treatment
  • Pneumatic transfer of material
  • Provide air for oxidation in Desulfurization-Power Plants

Features and benefits of TurboMAX turbo blower:

  • Oil free lubrication – Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with next generation, bump type, airfoil bearings
  • Fully integrated system – Air cooled up to 112.5kW (150HP) and closed loop liquid cooled from 600kW (800HP) to 150kW (200HP)
  • Extensive factory cycle testing for proven reliability
  • Rated for 55°C ambient air conditions
  • Package noise containment to 75 dBA (free field) with virtually no package vibration
  • Compact unit for easy installation and simple maintenance (simple and easy filter replacement)
  • No need for SCADA on smaller plants thanks to control system; communication with SCADA using MODBUS protocol