SP100 Series 1″ Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

1″ SP100 Series AODD pumps, designed and manufactured in the USA by Tuthill Corporation under the brand name Sotera Systems®, are characterised by:

  • patented QuikSeal® threaded ring construction – reduces comlexity, parts number (67% fewer parts) and maintenance time (up to 50%).
  • patented QuickFlow® air valve design, featuring an extremely fast trip-over, resulting in a 67% reduction in pulsation and the highest and smoothest flow in the industry (15% more flow or up to 57 gpm for the 1” model)
  • 20% improvement in air efficiency compared to competitive pumps. Less air consumption saves money over the long run.

SP100 pump can be configured in materials compatible with a wide range of chemicals making it as versatile as it is innovative. This, along with the elimination of stalling and freezing make the SP100 the most advanced AODD pump available today.

Options available:

  • Type of casing: aluminium (PA)
  • Diaphragms: santoprene (SSS), hyrtel (HHH)
  • Ports: BSPP (B), NPT (N)