SkyBlade Fans

  • Feel up to 10°C cooler
  • More air movement with less energy
  • Up to 3 times quieter

STOL (short take-off & landing) technology is designed to provide maximum lift to aircraft for short field take-off and landings. This technology is incorporated within the design of the airfoil, making SkyBlade HVLS fans more efficient delivering a higher air movement at lower speed.

SkyBlade ceiling fans are available in sizes 12′ (3.6 m) to 24′ (7.3 m). The smallest model of this industrial cooling fans covers 1050 m2, while the biggest in the range covers 4200 m2, delivering 20-30% savings in energy and creating return on investment in less than 2 years. It takes just a couple of hours to install it, and a dollar a day on average to run it. With low operating costs and low carbon footprint, High Volume Low-Speed Fans from SkyBlade are good for the business, for people and for the environment.

SkyBlade Fans are utilized in:

  • Warehouse/manufacturing Facilities
  • Workout/gym Facilities
  • Educational Facilities (halls, libraries, sports halls)
  • Retail Facilities
  • Indoor arena’s
  • Places of Worship
  • Auto dealers
  • Agricultural

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SkyBlade High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans, manufactured in USA, deliver top efficiency to heating and cooling systems by reducing run time, cycles, and improving overall comfort. This saves users money by operating heating and air conditioning systems less frequently, reducing the need for heating in the cold months through de-stratification of hot air pockets and increasing air velocity to assist air conditioning systems in warm months. In summer, HVLS fans increase evaporative effect on skin and reduce the percieved temperature by several degrees. In winter months, when ceiling fans are run at lower speed, they bring the warm air down and recycle lost heat trapped at the ceiling level. HVLS fans can be used to remove condensate from the floors, protecting surfaces and creating safer working environment. Big industrial fans prevent growth of mould, mildew and bacteria associated with high humidity, which eliminates health and safety concerns as well as unnecessary renovations.

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