Micro-C Series Eccentric Disc Pump

Micro-C series Mouvex pumps provide solutions for continuous transfer and low-flow metering (800 liters/h) at 3 bars and 15 bars pressure. These pumps are ideal for product recovery for food, beverage (including beer and wine manufacturing), pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic applications.


  • Leak free pumping without the need for magnetic couplings
  • or mechanical seals
  • Excellent Self-priming
  • Ability to run dry
  • Small footprint and easy integration
  • Low shearing
  • Maintains delivery/pressure performance over time
  • Outstanding volumetric efficiency
  • Pumped product constantly renewed
  • Ability to pump low and high viscosity products
  • Output not affected by viscosity variation
  • Low linear speed
  • Easily cleaned (no retention zone)
  • Constant volumetric output over time