Lanemark TRX gas burners for tank heating

Lanemark TRX series packaged, high efficiency, small diameter immersion tube tank heating systems meet the needs of industrial process tanks which have heat input requirements of up to 45 kW (150,000 Btu/h). Built to the same exacting standards as the larger capacity TX modular tank heating burner systems, the TRX burner incorporates burner, gas train, and control system and is packaged to simplify/ minimise plant installation work.

Specific advantages compared with alternative tank heating methods

  • Low operating costs – operating efficiencies of ≥80% gross calorific value ≥90% net calorific value
  • TRX small diameter immersion tube heat exchangers occupy minimal tank space. This enables smaller tanks for new plant designs and allows the simple replacement of other heating systems for retrofit applications.TRX immersion tubes can be configured in almost any multi-pass shape to ensure that they remain well clear of any internal tank fittings or processing areas.
  • All tank heat input and immersion tube performance calculations are easily carried out using Landmark’s dedicated computer design software.
  • Induced draught combustion air system allows multiple burner systems to be connected to a common flue while retaining individual burner control.
  • Operates with low gas supply pressures.
  • Firing into rubber lined or fibreglass tanks is permitted due to low initial heat exchanger surface temperatures at tank connection.
  • Simple heat exchanger installation requires only two pipe flange drillings, usually in one tank wall.
  • Fully compatible with Lanemark TX burner systems so that they may be incorporated into schemes where multiple TRX/TX burner arrangements are required.

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