Industrial Type Portable Infrared Heaters

Portable infrared radiant panel heaters from SBM are LPG fired heaters with ceramic heating elements. The GM series is best suited for operation in commercial and industrial premises. They can be used to heat warehouses, workshops, garages, autorepairs, and allow applying the heat when and where it is needed. They are build to last over 20 years and are a great alternative to conventional patio heaters.

The commercial standard GM series has a powder coated foldaway steel trolley suitable for cylinders up to 45kg. The heater is supplied in kit form with trolley, hose assembly with adjustable gas pressure regulator. Three models are available – GM12SPC, GM16SPC and GM20SPC using the 4, 5 and 6 tile ceramic tile assemblies. All models are approved for outdoor applications when shielded from rain and wind speed in excess of 15 kph and can also be used on patios, verandahs, and outdoor cafe areas.

The video details assembly of the GM trolley unit. In addition there is a ‘servicing’ video in the ‘Livestock High Intensity’ section of the website.