Speed-controlled heat pumps for ground source, lake or geothermal heating. 2.5-16 kW, models 12 and 16

CTC GSi adapts automatically to the building’s output requirements during the year. When high output is required, the output increases. When less output is required, the compressor shifts to lower output. This means that you will always achieve maximum savings.

CTC GSi is equipped with a highly efficient water heater, which produces over 300 litres of hot water. CTC GSi is ideal for family homes as well as larger properties. CTC GSi comes in 2 sizes, which enables it to be utilised in most properties. CTC GSi 12 with an output range at 2.5-12 kW and CTC GSi 16 at 4-16 kW.

CTC GSi has a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of 5.5, which means that, over the course of year, it produces 5 times as much energy as it consumes. Compressor and cooling components are enclosed in a separate, sound-insulated unit, which makes it very quiet – only 36 dB(A) at 50 rps. Furthermore, the entire heat pump has very efficient insulation, which minimises energy losses. CTC GSi is so energy efficient that it easily meets the requirements for an A+++ rating – the highest and best energy rating a heat pump can be given.

CTC GSi has a stylish white design and flexible modular dimensions that allow it to fit into most environments. Owing to the heat pump’s modular construction, it can be easily separated into two individual units. The brine system can be connected to the right, left or rear. All for simple and easy installation. The 4.3-inch colour touchscreen has clear symbols with English text, which makes it easy to adjust the heat and hot water or to retrieve a range of information about the operation.

Do you have an old heat pump that needs to be replaced? No problem. CTC GSi automatically adapts to the existing borehole. This means that when you replace your old heat pump, your installation costs are significantly reduced. The built-in automatic control is climate controlled and takes into account both indoor and outdoor temperatures. CTC GSi is able to control two individual heating systems as standard.

All CTC heat pumps and boilers are designed, developed and manufactured in our factory in Ljungby. This gives us total control of all stages of the production process – from manufacture up to delivery of the finished product.


  • Highest energy rating – A+++
  • Produces over 300 litres of hot water
  • Very high seasonal coefficient of performance: SCOP 5.5
  • Smart Grid – ready to adapt to electricity prices
  • Can control two heating systems
  • All-inclusive, most functions come as standard
  • Easy to install
  • 4.3” colour touchscreen
  • Very quiet, 36 dB(A)
  • Can be controlled from a smartphone with CTC Connect+