C-series eccentric disc pumps

C-series Mouvex pumps provide solutions for Air sensitive and shear sensitive products (Up to 36m3/h) maximum pressure 9 bars.

Their main features ares seal-less design and CIP/SIP abilities.


• Seal free means leak free without mechanical seal, packing or magnets
• Self-priming with strong suction power
• Ability to clear the pipes
• Ability to run dry
• Low shear
• Maintenance of the delivery/pressure performance over time due to automatic disc/cylinder adjustment
• Outstanding volumetric efficiency
• Pumped product constantly renewed
• Ability to pump low and high viscosity products
• Output not affected by viscosity variation
• Low linear speed
• Low pulsation effect

• High temperature: HT version for C4, C8, C12, C18 models
• enable high temperature transfer (up to 150° C continuous)
• Double bellow
• Bellow monitoring system
• Heating or cold jacket
• Mobile unit
• Stainless steel shroud