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Low Intensity Gas Tube Heaters for Your Warehouse

Are you looking for a low intensity heating option for a large property or space? At Hurll Nu-Way, we carry a wide range of heating and cooling options for industrial and commercial properties, including low intensity gas tube heaters.

This option gives you more energy efficient equipment that equals a better long term ROI, as it efficiently heats large spaces, such as factories, warehouses, multi-purpose school halls and aircraft hangers using low energy consumption.

What You Need to Know About Gas Tube Heaters

Gas fired low intensity radiant tube heaters produce infrared radiant heat from a large surface (tube) area, and are ideal for situations where there is ample wall or ceiling / roof space. Radiant tube heaters are available for operation on Natural and/or LP gases and supplied in straight, 'U' shape or 'double ended' DL patterns.

  • Infrared rays produce heat within the objects they meet. They naturally heat the floor, machinery and occupants without wasting heat in the roof of the building.
  • Infrared rays concentrate heat where it is needed and propagate naturally in the chosen direction without losing energy during transmission.
  • Infrared heating is almost instantaneous, and therefore the 'comfort level' is reached very rapidly. As there are no moving parts it is silent and creates no draughts or dust movement.
  • Internal turbolators (swirlers) extract the maximum heat from the combustion process before the end of the tubing set.
  • The possibilities of partial heating, selection of temperatures by area and programming of operating times enable optimum energy usage.
  • Low intensity gas tube heaters are ideal for most commercial and industrial premises, as energy consumption is considerably lower than any other form of heating
  • For Greenhouses, barns and farms the infrared heat brings comfort to animals, dry heat to the plants, and energy savings.
You can find all the radiant tube heater information at our new micro-sites focusing only on radiant heaters at radiantheater.com.au.

As well as carrying fantastic low intensity radiant tube heating and radiant ceramic heating options, we also stock a range of products to improve productivity and cost at your industrial or commercial property including;

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Low Intensity Radiant Tube Heating
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