Mass Flow

  • Mass flowmeters use the Coriolis principle to obtain a direct mass measurement.
  • First introduced in 1978, mass flow meters are an established technology in process industries.
  • Coriolis meters are highly accurate.
  • They reduce lost product, lost time, and lost money.
Some of the application examples are: batching of multiple fluids through one meter; stand-alone explosion-proof batching in hazardous areas; mixing epoxy paint; slurry control; custody transfer of LPG, propane and butane in distribution terminal and mobile distribution of multiple products.
RML2000 Mass Flowmeter for Mini Tankers
The only truck-mounted mass flowmeter with over ten years of proven performance. In 2002, Red Seal Measurment introduced the world’s first mass flowmeter designed to meet the rigorous demands of the LPG bobtail / minitanker environment. Since then, the advantages of this all-electronic system have been proven again and again.…