High Temperature / Furnace

We offer sizing and design of burner systems for high temperature applications, such as, for example, heating and drying of mineral fertilizers, steel, sand, grain, soil remediation and numerous other products. We can carry out the heat balance for your process and design the most cost efficient burner solution for your furnace or dryer, allowing to cut on energy costs and to suit the specific requirements of your process. We supply high temperature process burners from a range of suppliers, including British, American and Japanese manufacturers to suit any process, however small or complex, from 0.5 GJ/hr burner for a bale-out furnace to multiple 50 GJ/hr burners for reverberatory smelters.

Multiplex MP gas burner Nu-Way is a well-known name for industrial process burners. The MULTIPLEX burner has been designed to achieve a high degree of stability over a wide turndown range of relatively low service inlet pressures. Gas and air flows may be controlled by a gas proportionator and air butterfly valves, or for… Read More