Light Oil

We offer a range of diesel , light oil burners from 24 kW to larger industrial sizes of up to 18 mW. From leading burner suppliers Nu-Way and Bentone. We stock an extensive range of standard burners and can also customize to specific requests.

Bentone Light Oil Burners Bentone light oil burners feature: -size range from 25 kW to 2538 kW. – convenient plug-in electrical connections. – three-stage control version in models 800 kW and above.… Read More
Nu-Way N series Light Oil Burners Nu-Way N series burners come with a model name NOL. It covers a wide range of capacity from 160 kW to 4129 kW. Oil Burner features: Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements Quiet in operation and designed for easy maintenance Reliable and trouble-free Designed and approved in accordance with… Read More
Nu-Way P Series Light Oil Burners Nu-Way P series light oil burners feature:- -capacities from 3.3 mW to 18 mW net. -micro modulating with electronic fuel ratio as standard. -pressure atomization : no compressed air or steam required. -straight-forward conversion to heavy/residual fuel oils.… Read More