Heavy Oil

Nu-Way burner for medium fuel oil (MFO) and heavy fuel oils (HFO) up to Number 6 grade (class G). With integral or separate oil electric preheaters. Available in high/low or modulating configurations. See the dual fuel section for NDFR series gas and heavy oil burners.

Nu-Way N Series Heavy Oil burners Nu-Way N series heavy oil burners are designed for ultimate safe and efficient combustion operation. They cover a range of 161-4129 kW burner capacity. The main features include: Burner mounted control panel 2 stage control (high/low) NOE – Class ‘E’ oil 8 cSt @ 100°C NOF – Class ‘F’ oil… Read More
Nu-Way P Series Heavy Oil Burners Nu-Way PO series oil burners ranging from 3.3 to 18 mW net capacity. This combustion equipment comes with many essential features such as: Available configured for distillate or residual oils, other liquid fuels on request Applications include steam and high-pressure hot water boilers, as well as more diverse processes such… Read More