Oil Burners

We are a leading supplier of packaged oil burners for boilers, dryers, spray booths and other applications. Burners specifically configured for light oil /diesel, heavy fuel oils.

  • A wide range of sizes from domestic 25 kW to industrial 18 mW.
  • A large stock holding of diesel burners, accessories and spares.
  • A range of waste oil burners.
  • A knowledgeable team of experts to assist in selection and applications advice.

Light Oil We offer a range of diesel , light oil burners from 24 kW to larger industrial sizes of up to 18 mW. From leading burner suppliers Nu-Way and Bentone. We stock an extensive range of standard burners and can also customize to specific requests. Read More
Heavy Oil Nu-Way burner for medium fuel oil (MFO) and heavy fuel oils (HFO) up to Number 6 grade (class G). With integral or separate oil electric preheaters. Available in high/low or modulating configurations. See the dual fuel section for NDFR series gas and heavy oil burners. Read More
Waste Oil Waste oil and Multi fuel burners ranging from 25 kW to 600 kW capacity, which can fire on a variety of waste or recycled oils. Used engine oil, vegetable oils, hydraulic oil, bio-diesel, bio-oil, gear box oil, waste cooking oil, rapeseed oil and blends. Featuring fully automatic, on/off operation, they can be used in indirect fired airheaters, commercial and industrial boilers, furnaces and kilns. For Bentone burners, no compressor is required. Read More