Cast Iron

Cast-iron boilers may be used in steam heating or hot water heating applications. We supply Belgian boilers Saint Roch suitable for commercial and industrial applications. The main features for our cast iron boilers:
  • COMPLETE RANGE: The range covers up to 430 kW, provides the boiler with the means to supply radiators, water convectors and low-temperature floors in new or renovated installations.
  • LOW TEMPERATURE The boiler operates at low temperature or at sliding temperature so as to optimise the seasonal use of heating. The boiler remains cold when there is no heating demand and no domestic hot water demand. The circulation pump timer maximises the use of energy accumulated by cast iron.
  • INFALLIBLE TECHNIQUE Elements are assembled by biconical steel nipples. The combustion chamber is pressurized. The gas flow passes upwards. And the heating body is scavenged uniformly. The combustion chamber is fully surrounded by water. It does not have any dry surface except for the combustion chamber door. The joint between heating body elements is sealed by a refractory cord.
  • REINFORCED INSULATION Insulation is reinforced by a thick glass wall layer fixed to the cast iron block, and ceramic fibers at the combustion chamber door. All surfaces act as an obstacle to heat losses.
  • EASY USE Our cast iron hot water boilers are equipped with a flame indicator and a pressure connector orifice at the combustion chamber preventing any disassembly of the boiler during inspections. Maintenance is done on the front of the boiler without disassembly of the jacket. Access to the combustion chamber and gas evacuation flues is obtained simply by removing the door.
  • COMPLETE EQUIPMENT Cast iron heating body, with elements not assembled. The control panel contains: - On / Off switch - the boiler water temperature adjustment thermostat - heating thermometer - safety thermostat with manual reset.
  • Please call us to discuss your hot water boiler requirements.
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