Our blower range includes gas boosters, turbo blowers and positive displacement blowers. The Roots product range includes 2 and 3 lobe blowers designed for top performance and low maintenance. Turbo blowers are high speed blowers changing the wastewater treatment industry with considerable innovations, offering energy savings and low maintenance costs, allowing for higher speeds compared to roots style blowers. The Secomak range of centrifugal fans, blowers and exhausters offer high performance units that are both flexible and compact. These heavy-duty, high-quality units are suitable for a variety of industrial applications which include: drying, cooling, air-knife applications, heating, cleaning, pneumatic, conveying, aeration, fluidising, air-sampling, extracting, combustion air, vacuum lifting and holding.
HV Fans
Our HV Fans are specially designed to  deliver maximum performance  ensuring smooth air delivery across the whole of the performance curve.
Gas Boosters

Australia’s Leading Industrial Gas Boosters

Gas Boosters are designed to raise the pressure of gas supplies to provide sufficient combustion or use smaller sizes for pipe work and valves, etc. Based upon centrifugal fan designs they give high performance from a small physical size. They occupy less space and have lower power consumption than equivalent direct drive boosters and our latest designs have lower noise levels. Secomak gas boosters have been leading the market for over 40 years across many industries world-wide.

Why choose HNW for your gas boosters and other products?

Hurll Nu-Way have been providing clients with high-quality equipment from world-leading brands, such as Secomak and QE International, for over 120 years. We believe that reliability is the most important feature of a product or service in any industry as it helps to provide peace of mind. Our aim is to ensure our clients have peace of mind and the support they need to improve their business operations. Whether you are looking for industrial gas boosters, industrial air knives, cast iron boilers or industrial HVLS fans, you can rest assured knowing that the product will be of the highest craftsmanship and quality available on the market today.

Browse our range of gas boosters for sale today

Browse our range of gas boosters and other products available on our website today and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Our friendly team is always happy to assist with any enquiry. You can reach our Australian office by calling 1300 556 380, or our NZ office by dialling +64 9 274 5111. Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form on our website and we’ll do our best to get back in touch as soon as possible with all the information you require. We look forward to hearing from you.
Turbo Blower
Our Turbo Blower model provides the best efficiency through the use of a high-speed motor, air-bearings,and a powerful centrifugal design.
Positive Displacement (Roots Style)

Quality Roots Style Blowers and Packages for Sale in Australia

We’re in the business of selling high-performing, durable roots style blower packages to customers across Australia. We pride ourselves on equipping businesses with equipment that lasts at an affordable cost. Call us on 1300 556 380 to enquire about our roots style blower packages and other stock!

Positive Displacement (Roots Style)

Roots blowers’ technology is built on a heritage of engineering and manufacturing expertise dating back to the Roots brothers’ discovery of the principle of the rotary positive displacement blower in 1854. Today, Roots blowers are manufactured in a variety of bare shaft models with distinct features and in standard factory packages to meet an array of application requirements, from bulk handling, pneumatic conveying and vehicle mounted applications to water aeration and gas conveying. Roots blowers are available in bi-lobe and tri-lobe models in a range of sizes for both pressure and vacuum service. Produced with advanced design tools and modern manufacturing technologies, our blower solutions meet demanding requirements worldwide.

Roots Style Blower Packages

Are you looking for a simple yet reliable blower solution? We offer self-contained and pre-engineered Roots style blower packages that come with all the components needed for your industrial needs. Our packages are designed for vacuum, pressure or a combination for an array of applications. All of our packages enable simple on-site installation. Roots packages are available as a standard factory package or an engineered to order solution. Learn More about our roots style blower packages.

Roots Style PD Blowers

For reliable pressure and vacuum deliverance, we provide a range of Roots style positive displacement blowers. These smaller blowers are ideal for delivering reliable results for air and gas applications for OEM and across industrial needs. Learn More. Get in touch today If you want state-of-the-art equipment that’ll do the job, and last for years, we’re here to provide it to you. For any and all questions feel free to call us on 1300 556 380 or make an enquiry about our products online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.