10 facts about high volume and low speed fans

HVLS fan creates comfort all year round


1. HVLS fans can make you feel cool 10°C cooler. They create a gentle breeze with which perceived temperatures are up to 10°C cooler.

2. HVLS fans are quiet. Noise in the library – 40 – 45 dB. Conversation at home – 50 dB. Air conditioning unit at 30 meters – 60 dB. Vacuum cleaner – 70 dB.  Food Blender – 88 dB. SkyBlade Fans (one of the quietest fans among HVLS fans) – <45 dB.

3. HVLS fans are really big fans. They range from 3.6 m to 7.3 m in diameter.

4. HVLS fans move large amounts of air slowly. The 3.6 m fan moves up to 3000 cubic meters per minute with maximum speed 88 revolutions per minute. Compare it to the speed of a pedestal fan (over 1000 rpm).

5. HVLS fans are created for high ceiling facilities. The most common height of a warehouse, a single storey shopping centre or a sports hall is 6-7 m.

6. Our warehouse is 900 m2. We use one fan to cool it.

7. One 4.3 m fan was enough to cool the church sized 600 m2. It cut 30% of cooling costs and was working as quiet as a church should be (45 dBa). It cost $1 per day to run.

8. The smallest of HVLS fans from SkyBlade Fans, 3.6 m fan, delivers 2900 m3/min, makes <45 dBa noise and rotates at 88 rpm. One 76 cm pedestal fan costs A$560 (it is top of the range), delivers 300 m3/min of air, makes 78 dBa noise and rotates at 1380 rpm. To move 2900 m3 of air per minute, one would need 10 pedestal fans, which would make a lot of noise and consume 280 x 10 Watts. 12’ HVLS fan uses 300 Watt.

9. If HVLS fan is operating together with heating, the heating costs can be cut up to 20% thanks to desertification.

10. If HVLS fan is operating together with cooling, the cooling costs can be cut up to 30% (lower thermostat to 5-7°C, operate HVAC for fewer hours).


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