Go Forth, Be Merry

Its time to put fun back into your holidays!

We would be happy to add a bit of extra to your holiday! We are offering a wonderful discount price to all range of our heaters, up to 30% for some selected models. 

The most important thing is when you buy our highly energy efficient radiant heaters, you are one step ahead to save a huge cost form your monthly energy bill.

Please talk to us to know more details. 

Our Holiday Working Hours

We would like to enjoy the holidays with our families as well 🙂 Our office will be closed from 21st Dec 2018 to 2nd Jan 2019. 

However, we understand emergency can happen anytime. So, for any urgent assistance, please give us a call @0408 974 069 during this period or send an email to meer.hassan@hnw.com.au

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