Energy savings in process combustion

Nu-Way Energy has a team of experts that are able to look at your power processes and suggest the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bill.

Your combustion systems can be designed to suit your specific requirements. Nu-Way Energy offers a purpose-built solution to a problem – whether it involves making steel or heating ladles, melting aluminium or heating tanks. Valve trains and control panels are designed and built in-house by the firm. This ensures compliance with the relevant local codes.

Having extensive knowledge of many control options available and the various benefits they offer to an application, Nu-Way Energy can select the best burner and control package for an application to ensure that optimum energy efficiency is achieved without compromising reliability.

Nu-Way Energy was able to help companies reduce emissions and energy used for process heating while increasing productivity at an energy-intensive plant.


Read how to reduce energy used for process heating at DEMM.

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