Cleaning up the RAAF base- A complex remediation project required Hurll Nu-Way solution, 20th Sep 2016

Industrial fuel fired systems for process heating need to comply with Australian standards and local authority legislation. Hurll Nu-Way is the application partner for the clients in liaising with the local authority for the system approval and carrying out the burner commissioning and start-ups. We are also expert in manufacturing and installing the fuel trains and the burner management panels.

Hurll Nu-Way was involved in a soil remediation project for the clean-up of the former fire training area at RAAF Base, which was one of the most complex remediation projects in Victoria. Direct fired thermal desorption technology was implemented for the remediation process.

The line included a Desorber to dry the soil and drive off organic contaminants, and an Oxidiser to render the contaminants harmless and suitable for discharge to the atmosphere. The Desorber and Oxidiser were each comprised with a burner, each burner capable of an output exceeding 50GJ/h.

To meet these demands, HNW supplied the equipment with the following features:

  • Filters and pressure regulating equipment with over pressure shut-offs (OPSO). Independent pilot gas rate regulators with OPSO’s were installed in the pilot lines to ensure reliable pilot ignition on start up.
  • Pneumatically operated double block safety shut-off valves with a valve proving system
  • Self-checking ultraviolet flame detectors to operate in conjunction with the panel mounted Siemens LGK ignition and flame detection programmers
  • Control of the firing rate of each burner is performed through motorized linked valves – a butterfly valve in the air line and a square port valve in the gas line.
  • The linked valves option control the burners at a fixed air/gas ratio and they offer reliable and repeatable control which is very important for this application.

Hurll Nu-Way assisted in interlocking two burners by the overall control system. Although the burner systems are independent of each other, the  overall control ensures that Oxidiser burner is started first and its chamber reaches a pre-set minimum operating temperature before the Desorber burner system can be started.

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