AUTUMN TIME HEATING! Dust off your heaters and do the maintenance!


Autumn just began and the weather is getting cooler. This is the high time to prepare your facility for the heating. Dust off your heaters those were sitting idle for the whole summer. We would like to help you with that.

Radiant gas heaters help you with comfort heating at your facility and save you valuable bucks with efficient operation. To ensure their consistent efficiency, its recommended to carry out the maintenance procedure for your radiant gas heater annually. The preferred time would be before the winter heating period. If very dirty conditions arise, it may be necessary to carry out this procedure more often. If the unit takes in air through an air duct or filter assembly, more frequent service may be necessary.

To help facilitate optimum performance and safety, which is not to be taken lightly, HNW recommends that a qualified contractor conduct, at a minimum, annual inspections of your heater and perform service where necessary, using only replacement parts from the actual manufacturer.
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