Air Compression Noise Suppression

Being ‘low-pressure specialists’, HNW has a complete range of boosters, blowers, and compressors for air, natural gas, biogas and process gases. Supplied equipment is used in such diverse applications as high vacuum gas separators, vacuum trucks, pneumatic conveying, pressure boosting, gas transfer, aeration, and fluidization. HNW has a solution for almost every industry and application.
Air Knives

Efficient and Innovative Industrial Air Knives

At Hurll Nu-Way, we believe in offering world-leading products to industrial and commercial businesses around Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. With our range of innovative, highly efficient and energy saving solutions, you’ll find the ideal solution to suit your needs. Air knives are simple and efficient devices designed to reduce time when cleaning and drying products.     

A Wide Selection of Industrial Air Drying Solutions

At Hurll Nu-Way, we’re proud to offer a huge range of air knives and drying accessories to Australian businesses. Essentially, industrial air knives provide a continuous sheet of high velocity air to strip moisture and debris. Numerous applications include the drying of bottles, cans, sachets, steel products, removing excess food toppings and other quality enhancements such as smoothing chocolate toppings. A range of centrifugal blowers precisely matched to the air knives' requirements is available as are all accessories including hoses, splitters and mounting brackets. As part of the air knife family, there are also circular air knives for drying rods, cables, tubes and extrusions available. Power nozzles are an available solution where a stream of high velocity air is required for removing moisture from difficult surfaces such as the concave underside of cylinders. Compressed air knifes are an option for smaller applications with compressed air readily available. Complete enclosures, which reduce noise and eliminate spray, are also available and custom systems can be engineered. If you’re interested in this option, please browse the HV fans (blowers) section of this website for further information. As well as stocking industrial air knives, we also carry a complete range of innovative solutions for your commercial and industrial property, including; …and much more! If you have any questions regarding our range of industrial air knives, contact our friendly team today.

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We’re passionate about finding the right solution for your needs. If you have any questions about any of our offered products, or if you’d like to make an enquiry, you can call us on 1300 556 380. You can also fill out our handy online contact form, and one of our team will get back to you shortly. Do you require an assessment of your application? Fill in the quick form.
Our blower range includes gas boosters, turbo blowers and positive displacement blowers. The Roots product range includes 2 and 3 lobe blowers designed for top performance and low maintenance. Turbo blowers are high speed blowers changing the wastewater treatment industry with considerable innovations, offering energy savings and low maintenance costs, allowing for higher speeds compared to roots style blowers. The Secomak range of centrifugal fans, blowers and exhausters offer high performance units that are both flexible and compact. These heavy-duty, high-quality units are suitable for a variety of industrial applications which include: drying, cooling, air-knife applications, heating, cleaning, pneumatic, conveying, aeration, fluidising, air-sampling, extracting, combustion air, vacuum lifting and holding.
Centrifugal, turbo, piston and vane compressors, offered by HNW, are designed for compression of air and gases, including process gas, biogas, LPG and others. Turbo Blower Compressors are used for water treatment and at power plants. Vane compressors are the best choice for digester mixing, involving handling aggressive gases. Complete anaerobic digester systems are also available.
Noise Control
Blowers, Compressors, Safety Valves, Vents and other process control industrial equipment generate extremely high levels of noise which, in accordance with Australian Standards, need to be reduced and suppressed to required levels. With help of our partners, QE International, Hurll Nu-Way has a product offering of a wide range of industrial silencers to meet the crucial need of noise reduction within any industrial environment. HNW also has the experience and capability of offering guaranteed industrial noise reduction solutions that can be tailor-made to meet specific application requirements.